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As a Chihuahua mother, I know there are tons of myths and stereotypes when it arrives to Chihuahuas. Chihuahuas are unpleasant, they are ankle biters, signify, and Chihuahuas are yappy are just some of the typical myths. In this publish, I’m likely to debunk these myths and spill some truths about the beloved Chihuahua breed with you.  Make positive to also test out our Ultimate Guidebook to Chihuahua Suggestions.

Chihuahuas are Unsightly

Fantasy. Definitely. Chihuahuas are plainly the cutest, most irresistible canine on the world. How could everyone get in touch with these minor bundles of cuteness unpleasant? I have under no circumstances experienced everyone get in touch with Chuy unpleasant but we have read some absurd points when on walks.

  • Seem a traveling squirrel!
  • It is a cat on a leash!
  • Yo quiero Taco Bell.
  • A huge rat!
  • Oh and there is the developed males that favored to make barking noises at us…but only when my spouse is not there. Ugh.

You can acquire all of your insults and suck on a canine bone. Chihuahuas are NOT unpleasant! I signify just glance at that minor experience!

Chihuahuas are Generally Yappy

Fantasy!  Chuy under no circumstances barks unless of course he hears somebody or one thing outdoors. Which is it. Very well, alright the occasional bark at a weird male that attempts to method him. While, in that scenario I never blame him for acquiring stranger risk. There are a great deal of instances on walks the place other canine bark at him and he just minds his individual organization.  Chihuahuas that have not experienced appropriate education and socialization can turn into yappy…but it is a lot more of a protection system since they are terrified. That is worry that merely wants a lot more education and socialization.

Chihuahuas Shake

Real.  It is considered that a typical trait of Chihuahuas is that they shake all the time. Although it is correct that they do shake a lot more than other breeds, there is a cause it is taking place and you require to handle it. It is commonly possibly because of to worry/tension or sensation chilly.  In my private expertise, Chuy only shakes when we are at the vet since he’s anxious and when he’s seriously chilly. Given that this breed is so modest, they have a tough time regulating their physique temperature. Make positive that you offer them with a heat snuggly mattress and blanket and a canine jacket when out for walks.

Chihuahuas Really don’t Like Young children

Fantasy! Expressing that Chihuahuas never like children is a wide sweeping assumption that just is not correct for the complete breed. We experienced Chuy all to ourselves for 7 a long time just before Catalina (my daughter) was born. I was so anxious that it was likely to rock his earth in a detrimental way. But, I did my research and manufactured positive that we ended up well prepared to introduce our canine to a new child little one. Now? They are BFFs! She is ridiculously obsessed with him and Chuy is these a fantastic activity with her. Even when that implies she’s placing stickers on him or making an attempt to gown him up in doll clothing. It arrives down to education, placing boundaries, and instructing your children how to handle animals.

Chihuahuas Are not Excellent Enjoy Pet dogs

Fantasy! Keep in mind how I stated that Chuy only barks when he hears somebody outdoors of our property? He is tremendous inform and hears points that I under no circumstances do. Certain plenty of, I’ll glance outdoors and there is somebody strolling on the sidewalk or coming up the driveway.  When we purchase foodstuff, I have to set him in the other space since he is NOT delighted about strangers standing in our doorway. Now, if one thing terrible in fact took place, my religion in Chuy’s capability to combat off an intruder is not so excellent. LOL.

Chihuahuas are Not Outside Pet dogs

Fantasy! Chihuahuas could be modest but they are mighty and decided minor creatures. Indeed, Chuy is spoiled further than perception at house. He basically has a canine mattress in each solitary space of our property but at night time he sleeps in our king dimension mattress. He is taken treatment of just like a little one and is not just a dog…he is a family members member. That does not signify he does not enjoy to go outdoor on adventures. I Adore using Chuy with us to go on walks, hikes, highway visits, and even kayaking.  Chihuahuas may be modest but they are even now canine! They require physical exercise, stimulation, and enjoyable!

These are just a number of of the most typical myths about Chihuahuas. What other myths have you read? Enable us know in the remarks part.

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