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Following time you look up at the constellation Leo draped throughout the evening sky, believe about how you can find so considerably additional likely on there than the couple of twinkly stars we can see with the bare eye. 

NASA and the European House Company shared a Hubble Space Telescope image this week of galaxy NGC 2903. It is a poster baby of a spiral galaxy which is situated in Leo the lion. Search at its sleek curving arms and glowing centre. It is the Idris Elba of galaxies. I would pay out fantastic income to see NGC 2903: The Motion picture. 

ESA is also in appreciate with spiral galaxies, waxing poetic on their features: ‘These limelight-hogging celestial objects blend whirling, pinwheeling arms with scatterings of glowing stars, glowing bursts of gasoline, and dim, weaving lanes of cosmic dust, making definitely amazing scenes.’

NGC 2903 is situated a brisk 30 million light-weight-a long time absent. Hubble captured the glamor shot even though imaging all around 145 close by disk galaxies. ‘This research aimed to assist astronomers superior recognize the partnership in between the black holes that lurk at the cores of galaxies like these, and the rugby-ball-formed bulge of stars, gasoline and dust at the galaxy’s centre,’ ESA stated.

This shut-up look at of a spiral galaxy presents a good counterpoint to a different Hubble impression produced this 7 days: the Hubble Legacy Area, a look at of the distant universe that encompasses all around 265,000 galaxies. They could glance really diverse, but they equally have the electric power to stir the human soul.

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